Introduction to Auxia
Auxia is a composable, AI-based growth platform that helps product and marketing teams rapidly launch growth experiments across every customer touchpoint (e.g. web, mobile, etc).

How it works

Auxia uses machine learning to deliver a substantial improvement in how companies activate, engage, and retain their users.
After connecting your data sources, Auxia enables product teams to seamlessly set up a series of ‘growth experiments’ (e.g. in-app prompts, incentives, etc) in our no code console.
Our proprietary algorithms then predict, select, and deploy the best treatment - the optimal sequence, message, channel, surface, incentive, and timing - to the right user, at a highly personalized level. Over time, these algorithms automatically optimize each individual user’s experience based on their behavior and characteristics, identifying the ideal growth journey to drive our customer’s objectives (e.g. free-to-paid conversion, 30-day retention, etc).
Visual representation of how Auxia works
Auxia's platform is extremely flexible and customizable to each customer’s respective needs. After integrating our APIs, our customers have total control over how their growth experiments appear to their across their web, mobile, or external surfaces (e.g. email, notification, etc).

Getting started