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Integrating Auxia into your app

Overview of API integration


One of the core advantages of Auxia's platform is the flexibility teams have to distribute growth experiments across any product surface or customer touchpoint (e.g. in-app content cards, banners, websites, etc).

There are two primary ways to integrate with Auxia:

For teams that want full customization, we recommend integrating Auxia's APIs to maintain control of the overall design of their growth experiments. However, we also work with most major customer engagement and messaging platforms, sitting on top of any existing tools that you may be using.

Option #1: Integrate Auxia's APIs

Estimated time: A few hours

Auxia's APIs are designed to be configurable across any of your product surfaces, including your mobile app, web application, or even your website.

pageDeploying Auxia's APIs

Option #2: Integrate Auxia with your delivery channels

Estimated time: 15 minutes

Auxia also has pre-built connections to many existing email, notification, and multi-channel marketing tools. These direct integrations allow Auxia to trigger which users should receive the optimal message, at the right time, across the optimal surface that suits your objective. Click the link below to get started with one of our existing integrations.


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